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  • Concise view of enterprise-wide risk exposure combining physical & digital risks
  • Provides a comprehensive tailor-made Business Continuity Plan
  • Duty of Care - Enhances corporate reputation in preserving corporate IPR

    Interruptions to business processes can result from major natural disasters such as tornados, floods, and fires, or from man-made disasters such as terrorist attack. The most frequent disruptions are less sensational - equipment failures, theft, or employee sabotage.

    Have you asked yourself any of the following questions?

    1. What would happen if your business went down for one day or one week?
    2. Can you quantify the business cost?
    3. Have you identified what your critical business processes are?
    4. Are there any business continuity plans in place and who knows about them?
    5. Has your organization developed business continuity planning methods?

    How can your group assess risk exposure, implement the required procedures and policies to mitigate risk and track progress?

    mi2g has developed the comprehensive Contingency Capability Radar™ (CCR), an ISO 17799 based platform, containing tools and templates to assess and graphically display risk exposure of the entire enterprise. Organizations will be able to mitigate their risk exposure and track business continuity capability in the event of disruptive challenges.

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