Executive Chairman D K Matai
DK is an engineer turned entrepreneur and philanthropist with a keen interest in the well being of global society. He founded mi2g in 1995, the digital risk specialists, in London, UK, whilst developing simulations for his PhD at Imperial College. He helped found ATCA -- The Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance -- in 2001, a philanthropic initiative to understand and to address complex global challenges. He is widely quoted in the international media on the risk and reward of digitisation. DK co-founded The Philanthropia in 2005 -- Trinity Club, Syndicates and Ethical Investment Funds -- with entrepreneurs, family foundations, private banks, non-governmental organisations and specialist advisors to resolve complex global challenges through collaborative & sustained efforts. DK's online presence: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, HQR, Open ATCA, Intent & IntentBlog. [Profile in pdf]

Senior Advisors

Sir Terence Clark Senior Consultant - Political Risk
Terence is developing business for mi2g with key Middle Eastern players in the government and private sector, having been British Ambassador to both Iraq and Oman.

John Flynn Senior Consultant - Risk Profiling
John helps profile risk associated with IT infrastructure from both cyber terrorism and electronic warfare. He is the Permanent Representative to the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA) in Brussels, having been British Ambassador to Venezuela and Angola.

Dr Tim Forse Senior Consultant - Valuation Databases
Tim works closely with mi2g in developing secure online databases of extremely valuable and sensitive knowledge resources. He is a Director of Segal Quince Wicksteed an mi2g sister company. He is a specialist advisor on the development of Science Parks and Economic Development Projects having worked with PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Anthony Harris Senior Consultant - Defence & Specialty
Anthony is working with mi2g within the Defence and financial services sectors. Anthony was a member of the negotiating team that concluded the Al-Yamamah deal in Saudi Arabia with BAE Systems and the UK-UAE Defence Cooperation accord in 1996. He has also been in charge of the BBC Worldservice budget and a Director of Robert Fleming, having been British Ambassador to UAE.

Willy Hersberger Senior Consultant - Risk Transfer Specialist
Willy is developing alternative risk transfer solutions for mi2g clients within insurance and reinsurance markets in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria. He is a Swiss national and a graduate in business administration from St Gallen University in Switzerland. He has over three decades of experience in senior management positions within Europe and America in underwriting and marketing at Swiss Re.

Dr Peter Madden Senior Consultant - Agent Technology
Peter is a specialist in artificial technology and secure distributed systems. He is also an associate of uc.com and a non-executive director of RCMS. He has worked as a Project Manager for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) (DSTL).

R Oliver Miles Senior Consultant - Corporate Alliance
Oliver is the Chairman of MEC International and works with mi2g in developing key corporate relationships, having been British Ambassador to Greece, Luxembourg and Libya and a non-executive Director of Vickers Defence plc. He is currently developing markets in the Mediterranean and North Africa.

Major General Bill Robins Senior Consultant - Asymmetric Risk
Bill is working with mi2g in developing asymmetric risk solutions. Bill ran British Army tactical communications and electronic warfare units before he became responsible for Information and Communication services for UK Defence Forces. He has worked in the Defence Industry, including BAE Systems, on Battlefield Information Systems and Homeland Security. He is a visiting Professor at Cranfield University, assigned to the Royal Military College of Science.

Dr Simon Shepherd Senior Consultant - Cryptography
Simon is working with mi2g in the development of next generation on-line banking and insurance security architecture. He has a Doctorate in cryptography and is an expert in computer communications security. He was an Officer in the Royal Navy and has worked as Systems Engineer at BAE Systems.

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