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  • Corporate risk is mapped in real time enabling sound security decision-making
  • Avoids breaches of any statutory, regulatory or contractual obligations
  • Minimises litigation likelihood for negligence in protecting shareholder value
  • Any security architecture must not only cover technologies but also the legal ramifications of security audits, issues surrounding jurisdiction and potential hazards such as breaches in security. It must also take into account human fallibility and security risks inherent to personnel. In addition, insurance and business impact should be considered, to counter breaches and claims. Business disruptions and losses in market capitalisation are very real threats and insurance premiums can be based on the anticipated loss in the case of a digital attack.

    mi2g has adopted an integrated approach to Digital Risk Management. This matrix represents the different aspects in mi2g's Bespoke Security Architecture™.

    mi2g has been working with Lloyd's of London syndicates and brokers since 1998 on solutions based on this methodology.

    The Chairman's Dashboard - An application of the Digital Risk Matrix™


    The Chairman's Dashboard, an application of the Digital Risk Matrix™, presents in a succinct way: the quantified risk factors, the processes involved and their daily movements through the graphical pink kite.

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