Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance - ATCA - Launched

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London, UK - 28 November 2002, 11:30 GMT - mi2g is sponsoring the launch of the Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance - ATCA - at 5:45pm this evening in Central London. The event is going to be attended by 60 senior delegates from government agencies, financial services, defence groups, academic bodies and law firms.

The terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 as well as the recent incidents in Kenya, Indonesia, Russia, Pakistan and Yemen have introduced the West in particular and the world at large to the risks of asymmetric warfare. Any threat, which is disproportionate, such as a small group attacking a large country in a way that can harm hundreds, is described as asymmetric. Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Digital (CBRN-D) or conventional attacks can all manifest asymmetrically. Asymmetric warfare waged by land, sea, air and space threatens not just capital assets or IT systems but primarily human life, confidence levels, national sovereignty and economic viability. This kind of warfare is also being waged in cyberspace.

The panel of experts facilitating the discussion under Chatham House rule will be:

  • Dr Ian Davis, Director, British American Security Information Council
  • Adrian Ballardie, CEO, AXA Corporate
  • Rudi Bogni, Chairman, MedInvest International and Director, Old Mutual
  • Prof Jim Norton, Board Member, Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology (POST)
  • David Handley, Director, BAE Systems
  • Garth Whitty, Head of Homeland Security, Royal United Services Institute

DK Matai from mi2g will be chairing the roundtable focused on discussing the impact of co-ordinated asymmetric attacks. Contingency capability cannot be achieved by technology alone. In the event of a terrorist incident with personnel casualties, no amount of data backup, firewalls and virus detection systems will guarantee the integrity of digital infrastructure with an assurance for business continuity.

A comprehensive approach to security takes full account of several interlocking factors - correct people perspective with the attendant public/private sector role and responsibility; technological protection; human resource allocation and management; insurance and reinsurance coverage; and legal obligations. Even with full protection in place, contingency plans for the national economic infrastructure and business continuity must be continually exercised and evolved.

The ATCA is a consortium of risk management experts which aims to offer:

  • The delivery of strategic risk management solutions to public and private sector organizations responsible for regional safety and disaster recovery, economic development, infrastructure, transport and logistical systems;
  • Software simulation capability for contingency planning and mitigating disasters;
  • Resilience capability through constituent member services with specific expertise.

Copies of the ATCA keynote speech will be available on 29th November 2002.

Contact: mi2g Intelligence Unit - Tel: 020 7924 3010

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